Recent advances in technology have allowed security system companies to offer complete coverage in small packages. For example, the Sonitrol Multi-Sensor is one simple device that combines a monitored video security system with motion & audio detection. Below are the major benefits of including multi-sensor technology in your Louisville business security system.

Five Major Benefits of Multi-Sensor Technology for your Louisville Business Security System

It’s All-in-One

Sonitrol’s multi-sensor surveillance camera includes Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detection, and 2-way audio capability all in one device. Additionally, it is backed by the Central Station monitoring team, preventing false alarms with verified video and audio in your security system.

It’s Affordable

The multi-sensor acts as a stand alone camera or an integrated surveillance solution. Of course, its video features save on the cost of additional pricey recorders. In short, the multi-sensor is perfect for customers who require maximum functionality at a minimal price.

It’s Real-Time

Statistics show that 95% of all generated alarms are false. In response, Sonitrol Louisville business security system’s multi-sensor is equipped with the highest quality audio and video. Advanced motion detection backed by the Central Station work together for real-time verification, greatly reducing the number of false alarms and eliciting a faster arrival of first responders.

It’s Easy

The multi-sensor design makes for quick and easy setup. It adds verified video to any security system without the complication of an additional server. Furthermore, this device has the ability to connect with wireless networks. And this allows the installer to position the camera and start recording in a matter of minutes.

It’s The Future

Lastly, the Sonitrol Multi-Sensor interfaces with the Sonitrol Mobile App for the viewing of camera images in real time. Even more, edge-based devices are a leading trend in video surveillance. As shown above, no other product on the market today can match the combination of built-in features, ease of installation, affordability, and flexibility.




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