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Central Station Monitoring

At the forefront of our access solutions is Sonitrol Managed Access, which gives you complete control over the access rights of employees, visitors, and contractors in your place of business. Access cards are used to grant access to restricted areas, and flexibility is maintained through multiple levels of access clearance.

With Sonitrol Managed Access, we manage and monitor your system 24 hours a day from our Central Station. We also keep a database of card holders and create entry and exit reports. Should you so desire, you can see time, attendance, and scheduling reports, deactivate a specific user’s access card, or assign different access credentials, program scheduled locks and unlocks of specific doors, and perform other management tasks through our secure web portal, Through this portal, you can also contact our Central Station operators 24/7.

security cameras with Digital Recording and Central Station Monitoring

Sonitrol clients now have the option of allowing our Central Station to view your CCTV cameras after hours to dispatch police upon detection of unwanted activity.

All security cameras involved in the system are calibrated to cut down on unwanted triggering of the system. Upon activity detection, the DVR begins sending video to our Central Station. There, trained operators view the video and dispatch police to the scene if necessary.

No purchase of additional equipment is necessary; your DVR is ready for camera monitoring out-of-the-box. All video is transmitted securely over the internet.

Typical Applications:

  • Parking lots
  • Storage tanks (Anhydrous)
  • Outdoor (truck/equipment/tool) storage
  • Fence lines
  • Entry doors and gates
  • Sensitive inventory areas
  • Server rooms

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