Professional Sonitrol operators and our cutting-edge security alarm systems keep your business safe no matter where you are.

Still think that any security is good security, and that you could monitor it yourself just as well? Sonitrol is different in just about every way. We aren’t the only ones who think so; the police think so, too.

Emergency responders arrive as much as 40 minutes faster to a Sonitrol alert than to any other security alarm system available. If your business experiences a break in, has prowlers, or even worse – suffers a fire – Sonitrol is on duty 24 hours a day. We’re your eyes and ears no matter where you happen to be.

Here’s how it works:

Anyone might try to gain access through an entry door; Sonitrol hears that, plus everything else.

Intrusion Detection Triggered by Audio

A motion-sensor alarm system can only work if movement in a specific area triggers it. If you’ve got motion sensors on your doors and windows, then an alert will happen if someone breaks in through one of those areas. But criminals aren’t always keen on using the front door.

Sonitrol helped apprehend two would-be jewelry store thieves in Tampa who broke through the walls and ceilings of two businesses to reach their goal. Unfortunately for them, breaking through wall is noisy business, and the Sonitrol alarm was triggered. Could a motion sensor alarm have predicted what part of a wall or ceiling thieves would break through?

Watch what happened here:

Sonitrol Operators Verify What They Hear

With a typical self-monitored system, your information is only as good as what you see and hear. Sure, there might be an alarm. But what caused it? Freakonomics asserts that about 98 percent of all burglar alarms are false. And that accounts for a lot of wasted time for law enforcement. It also costs business owners in false alarm fines.

But with Sonitrol, false alarms are negligible for one very important reason. Once an alert happens, operators at the Sonitrol Central Station listen in and determine whether it’s real. If so, police are alerted. If not, the system is reset. This is crucial to our success, and why police respond as much as 40 minutes faster if it’s Sonitrol on the line.

Does that seem hard to believe? Listen in on an authentic audio alarm clip, hear what operators heard, and see how fast the police arrived.

You can stay involved using any computer or mobile device, so you can see and hear what our operators do.

Sonitrol Covers Your Whole Business

Sonitrol is like a blanket of coverage. Where a traditional security system has its trigger points, our systems turn your entire business into a sensitive device that tells the tale on anyone who breaks in. It doesn’t matter if it’s through a door or window, or through more creative methods, like through a ceiling, floor or wall. Audio picks it up, and expertly trained operators sort it out.

Another way that our systems are better is through Videofied. This complements audio and can give a face to a sound. When an intruder or prowler enters the area, Sonitrol cameras automatically switch on and send a 10 second clip to the Central Station, where operators view it in real time. If it’s just a neighborhood dog on the property, the system is reset. If not, authorities are on their way.

Listen to this clip and hear how police react once they realize that it’s a Sonitrol verified alarm. The dispatch officer says, “I know you all are never wrong.” Could you say that about your current security system?

Sonitrol of Louisville really is your eyes and ears. We can help protect your business better than a self-monitored system. Just like we did with Flint Elementary School in Grand Blanc, MI, we can help stop criminals in their tracks. What’s more, the authorities trust Sonitrol over any other system on the market.

Give us a call at (502) 966-8999 to learn about verified audio and video, and all of the other ways that we can design the right system for you. Day or night, we’re always to protect what matters to you.



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