Hospitals need to be accessible 24 hours a day. However, they also need to keep patients in appropriate areas while allowing the appropriate hospital staff access to medical supplies and equipment. As a result, access control is the most critical component of healthcare security systems.

Sonitrol has the flexibility to provide door control to any door, restricting access by user, day, date, time, and schedule. Controlling doors with anti-pass back keeps users from sharing their credentials with other users to “piggy back” entries. In addition, Sonitrol has bio-metric readers for fingers, palms, and retina scan if needed.

Control parking lots, elevators, tool cages, entry doors, service rooms, executive offices, medical drug storage, refrigerators and much more. Never hand out keys again.

Sonitrol’s unique managed access means we take care of all user changes, additions, deletions, door schedule changes, level changes, holiday changes and any other access database need you have on a daily basis. HR does not have to dedicate a person to managing your access control system, Sonitrol does it for you.


HD camera systems are critical to various needs at a hospital. Sonitrol has dozens of specialty cameras for large outdoor areas and parking lot to provide identification of people and cars in the parking lots, including license plate character recognition. Reception areas, patient areas, newborn areas – to name a few – all have special needs, and Sonitrol has a camera for every application. Sonitrol can meet long video retention regulations to store video as long as needed.

Enterprise video solutions must be flexible for viewing of hundreds of cameras anywhere in the hospital or on mobile platforms if necessary. The exclusive CCTV Service Agreement provide 24/7 lifetime warranty for every component of your system including loaner devices, parts and labor repair, and the only obsolescence coverage in the industry.

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Timely communication is key in hospital environments. Sonitrol can provide custom panic button solutions that alert specific staff members with lights or call security. Sonitrol can also provide various voice and video intercom systems to staff to communicate with each other, with patients, and open doors with access control.

This exclusive, Sonitrol system integration is critical so your video, access control, panic, and notification systems work together seamlessly for the best communication.

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