Monitored security puts you, your employees, and your business in a safer position.

A security system can help keep your business safe, but it can also help save lives. You might not think about security in those terms. But maybe you should consider it. Your business isn’t just the building; it’s also the people who operate it.

With a Sonitrol system, you get protection for the safety of employees. And emergency responders get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every alarm is authentic.

Sonitrol gets fire responders to your business in minutes.

You Need Fire Protection Night or Day

A fire can happen at any time. It can level a building faster than you might think, and take everything that’s inside it, too. With a monitored fire alarm system, your business and your employees are safer. And if there’s adjoining property, the people inside are safer, too.

Some businesses come with a greater fire hazard. Restaurants, for example, use hot equipment and sometimes open flames as part of day-to-day operation. So do some machine shops. But all businesses have electrical wiring.

In 2011 alone, over 16,000 electrical failure-related, non-residential fires were reported to fire departments. Sadly, the National Fire Protection Association says these specific fires also resulted in 13 deaths and nearly 300 injuries.

A monitored fire protection system can alert emergency responders faster, and it works even if your business is closed.

Hold-up Alarms Notify Police Faster and More Safely

It’s scary enough, thinking about a break-in and losing your valuable assets and any cash that’s stored inside your business. A robbery during operating hours is worse, because it puts human life in danger. But a hold-up button lets your employees notify the right people immediately, without waiting for an alert to be tripped.

When the business is open, your security system works differently. There are employees and perhaps customers in and out, so break-in detection doesn’t work the same. A hold-up button, which some might refer to as a “panic button,” puts control in the hands of the people most at risk.

According to the FBI, over 13 percent of all robberies in 2010 happened in a general place of commerce. An additional 2.2 percent happened in banks, 2.3 percent in gas stations, and 5.2 percent in convenience stores.

With a hold-up button, your business and your employees are safer against the threat of hold ups. If the worst did happen, a push of a button means help is on the way.

In addition, hold-up alarms coupled with Sonitrol audio verification allows our Central Station and police to hear what is happening during a break-in. This is valuable information that only a Sonitrol security system can provide.

Video surveillance is one of many ways that Sonitrol gives you a comprehensive security system.

Alert Verification Means Help Arrives Sooner

Any time your business and employees are at risk, every second counts. While you’re waiting for the fire department to arrive, you could suffer major loss and injury. While the police are en route, a robber could take more than just company assets – lives are at stake.

Police and fire departments respond to false alarms so often that it’s an unnecessary use of manpower and funding dollars. Some cities have even enacted laws that false alarms to the police can result in fines. With Sonitrol, alarms are verified before the emergency responders are notified. What’s more, they know it.

With a verified alarm, the right authorities know that if they receive an alert, it’s real. So your business gets the help that it needs in time for it to make a difference. On average, for traditional security systems with unverified devices like motion detectors, police don’t arrive on site for 45 minutes. With Sonitrol’s verified systems, police can arrive in under five minutes because the know the alarms are verified.

Read more about Sonitrol’s verified systems and what that means for both the police and you at this link.

Security isn’t just about protecting your company property. One of your biggest assets is your people, and they can’t be replaced. With Sonitrol, you get more comprehensive coverage, verified alerts to the emergency responders who can help, and you get that 24 hours a day.

When you’re ready to get the best protection in the industry, give Sonitrol of Louisville a call at 502-966-8999. We work with you to design a system that protects everything that matters most.



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