You can’t always be at work, and now you don’t have to be.

A mobile app gives you more freedom and keeps your business as secure as you expect. Sonitrol’s security monitoring app lets you take control when you need to, but without sacrificing the professional Central Station monitoring that you get from our operators.

It’s the best of both worlds, really. Instead of choosing a self-monitored security system or one that’s professionally monitored 24 hours a day, you can have it all. And all the you have to do is download the app to get started.

No Matter Where You Go, You Have Control

You can’t be on call all day every day. That’s Sonitrol’s job. But you can get alerts and have access no matter where you are. At the first sign of trouble you can log in, see firsthand what’s happening, and handle problems on your own if you choose. If you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or just happen to be at home late at night, as long as you have your smartphone you’re all set.

Access wherever you happen to go is probably the biggest benefit of the mobile app. This means that even if your laptop is packed away in a carry-on bag at the airport, or if it’s back at the office while you’re out to dinner, you’re still connected with your phone.

Users Love the App

People just like you use the app for smartphones and tablets every day, and it’s got an overall 4.5 Star rating. Check out these Google Play reviews from real Sonitrol Android users:

What I need when I need it. This app gives me access to my alarm system on the go. I can easily arm/disarm my system from anywhere, and can make user changes on the fly. I love it! – Christopher Alexander


Must have for Sonitrol users! I no longer have to guess if my security system is armed. It also allows me to add users and change permissions. – Andreas Ahlqvist

Watch surveillance video and arm your system from anywhere.

The Mobile App Gives You Choices

If you get an alert, the Sonitrol app gives you choices. You can let Central Station operators handle everything, just like you’ve come to rely on them. If you’re boarding a plane or driving across town, it’s not exactly convenient to stop and grab your phone. But if you’re able, you can log in and view any number of possible issues and take steps to correct them.

View the live feed video from your security surveillance cameras, or watch video that’s been recorded and stored. Hone in on the identity of the last person who clocked out and left the building for the day, and arm your security system if for some reason that wasn’t done. You can disarm the system remotely, too, if that’s ever an issue.

Handle Everyday Business

Sonitrol operators can assign managed access permissions for new employees. But so can you, even at night or on weekends, and all from the mobile app. If you need to terminate access for a former employee or set temporary permissions, the same thing applies.

It doesn’t matter how many different locations you’re responsible for. If you’re a regional manager with several different offices or retail stores, you’re probably not conveniently located to all of them. But with the Sonitrol app, just search through and select the right one. All of your locations are covered using the same app.

The app works for Apple and Android devices.

All This, and the App Doesn’t Cost Extra

If you have an iPhone or Android with iOS7 or Android 4.03 and newer, you can have the Sonitrol mobile app. It’s a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. But you do need the right Sonitrol system. For example, you can’t view live streaming video if you don’t already have that set up.

But no matter which Sonitrol system you have, it’s all upgradable to let you enjoy the full benefit of mobile access. You’ll need a subscription that’s active. And the 3XLOGIC – Vigil DVR is a must for viewing live and recorded surveillance video.

Mobile apps let you do just about anything these days. It’s come a long way from apps for flashlights, crossword puzzles, grumpy flying birds and those addicting jewel games. Now you can enjoy mobile banking, check in on social media, use GPS, and keep a watchful eye over your business security.

And because it’s Sonitrol, you already know that it’s safe and you’ll get the help that you need, even if you aren’t there. Police departments are instituting a no-response policy because of the high number of false alarms unless the system that sent it was verified. That’s happening in Akron, OH and spreading across the country. But it won’t happen to you.

Everything works as one well-oiled machine with Sonitrol. You won’t have any hiccups with integration, and using the app is simple. Give Sonitrol of Louisville a call at (502) 966-8999 or contact us online to talk about all of the options available to you.


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