Once installed, Sonitrol IP HD is no sort of budget burden.

Better commercial security doesn’t have to be more expensive. Not even when it’s dramatically better. That’s the case with IP HD video surveillance from Sonitrol, and you can have it today.

While any video surveillance is probably better than none, there’s no reason, at least not anymore, to settle for something that works half as good as it could. If your security system is still just analog, it’s probably time for you to step ahead and get better imaging and a better overall value for your security dollars.

You can log in to watch live or review recorded video from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

IP, HD, Analog, and What They Mean

The technology world is full of acronyms, and it’s sometimes hard to make heads or tails of them. If you’re in the industry, that’s one thing. But the majority of people aren’t. IP means Internet Protocol and HD means High Definition. It’s similar to a high definition webcam that can automatically send video, says Pallet Enterprise.

The biggest difference between analog and IP HD quality is the resolution. With analog, you get the typical surveillance image, which isn’t especially clear. It’s based on how many lines there are per image. It’ll show you that something or someone is there, but clarity isn’t one of its strong points.

IP HD video surveillance cameras capture images another way, through pixels (like dots) instead of lines. Generally speaking, the best analog camera isn’t as clear as the lowest-end High def resolution. And with this newer technology, you won’t have to search hours and hours of footage to find what you need. It’s all searchable

High definition give operators, the authorities and you a lot more to go on.

What IP HD Does for You

With a typical analog system, you get a lower-quality image, which does reveal whether there’s a person or vehicle in its line of sight. Unless it’s at very close range, you probably won’t get enough detail to identify a face or make out a vehicle tag number. But in situations where close range is fine, such as at an ATM, analog might be enough.

IP HD is internet-based, and gives you an extreme level of clarity compared to analog. With 7 times the resolution, you can identify faces and vehicle tag numbers. Security threat verification is more precise, and you can even zoom in for more detail.

Either system offers operator verification, customer viewing and offsite storage. When the system is triggered, a live feed is sent to the Central Station for verification. You can log in as a customer to view recorded video or watch a live feed from anywhere, too. IP HD systems can also have redundant, internal recording as a backup measure.

IP HD Doesn’t Cost More

Probably the main reason any business owner sticks with analog is the presumed costs that are associated with newer technology. While it’s true that the new equipment is an additional purchase over what you have, Sonitrol monitoring doesn’t cost anything more.

The real value of IP HD comes from significantly better surveillance and overall security without any extra monthly fees. Once your new equipment is installed, you’re all set.

You’ll still have video surveillance anywhere you need it. It will just be more efficient. You’ll still have video verification. It will just be better. And with video analytics, you can see as clearly in the daytime as at night. So the video triggers, such as movement, will be a lot more precise than with analog at no extra cost.

Sonitrol has made incredible strides with commercial security. Where an analog video camera was once top-of-the-line surveillance, cameras are now much better. Where on-site was once the best way to store video, now the cloud is possible. Where operators could once verify a threat, now they can identify it clearly enough for evidential purposes.

Your commercial security system might be suitable enough. But when you see what’s possible through IP HD, you’ll wonder why you haven’t already made the switch. Give Sonitrol of Louisville a call today at (502) 966-8999 or contact us online to learn more about IP HD surveillance and how it’s the real standout value in commercial security.



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