Ensure first-rate protection of your local residential and business properties through advanced technology solutions from one of the most recognized security system companies in Louisville KY

The importance of your home and office cannot be minimized. We know that protecting these valuable spaces from harm is a top priority. It’s ours too! Technology progresses quickly, and we commit ourselves to pursuing the most advanced and effective tools. With innovative equipment and devices, Sonitrol’s verified surveillance leads the pack of security system companies in Louisville KY.

Reliable video monitoring protects your business and home by preventing theft and obtaining evidence for any challenges that might follow. Sonitrol’s state-of-the-art digital surveillance systems are crisp and clear, covering every inch of your home and office.

Security camera in a retail company

A security camera is just one component in a complete security system

Sonitrol also guards against intrusions through sensitive audio sensors that can pick up even the softest noises, providing complete wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage. Burglars will have no luck sneaking around in the aisles between desks and shelves or flat against the walls. Our sensors pick up every sound made in every square inch. This feature has pushed Sonitrol to the top as one of the most trusted security system companies in Louisville KY.

Furthermore, the trained operators at our Central Station team monitor your cameras after-hours, dispatching police in the case of suspicious activity. No additional equipment is necessary.

Sonitrol KY is Louisville’s security company, proud to take the job of protecting your most valuable, and invaluable, assets. Please contact us to learn more!



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