Get Smarter With Smart Security Solutions from top service providers featuring multifaceted and multidimensional technology based equipments and devices

Taking your property security aspect to the next level, the best companies dealing and indulging in hi-tech safety solutions, are getting smarter and more cautious about the products and systems they are installing for individual client properties. The range of home security equipments and business security systems invariably differ widely as they are meant to serve different purposes at varying degrees (pertaining to the level of severity endorsed to them). Among the top names, Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security firm deserves to be ranked decently as they guarantee the most high-functional solutions for your properties, be it residential or professional.

Having created its niche as a leading edge and mot relied security company, Sonitrol aspires to use only high quality audio-video systems that are capable of offering an all round coverage within a particular area and this guarantees a perilous situation for the intruders who are mostly used to following the conventional methods of break-in. This completely eradicate their chances of finding a proper hideout or corner while breaking in, as they simply cannot hide from the exclusively designed audio systems that have powerful audio sensors to get to action with minimum sound or motion.

The specially designed Videofied security system is actually a verified security for both indoor and outdoor safety. This is a unique wireless system, that doesn’t need a AC power system to trigger its functionality. The video recording is triggered as soon as there is any movement and further, the streaming of the live video starts with the shortest time span of 10 seconds from the beginning of the recording.

The live footages are sent to the company workstation so that their professional analysts can study the recordings and decide immediately, if they need to inform the law enforcement authorities to take care of the situation in the respective client property or premises. This is a powerful video security system that allows you to stay in control of the incidences taking place in your hone or office.

The internet has a quintessential role as it allows smooth streaming and broadcasting of the footages in the company’s centralized workstation as well at your respective device that has the Sonitrol verified software installed in it. This also gives you the liberty and convenience of tracking your employees and family members or guests who are coming and going at your place. This is primarily useful for home security aspects and the same purpose is served by the well defined and multidimensional access control system that’s aesthetically designed and suited to serve business facilities and especially, the high security regions where very few people are allowed to visit.

The unique card access system makes sure that the cards are clearly aligned and significantly assigned to each of the employees depending on their designation in your company. You can keep a tab on the number of times they visit a particular high security area and have a clear idea of their activities and make sure that they don’t indulge in any kind of unwanted or uncalled for activities or illegitimate actions.

The deliberative managed door system ensures that your business data and information is kept safe behind the secured area.



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