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Sonitrol’s Verified Security Solutions

Sonitrol’s Verified Security Solutions

Verified security means no false alarms. We protect your business and detect intruders often-times before they ever get in with our exclusive audio and video verification system.

Sonitrol has over 150,000 apprehensions because our systems catch criminals, not just scare them away. Our exclusive integration seamlessly blends your security with your access control system so you save tons of money. Sonitrol services your system 24/7 and manages your users and program so you don’t have to.

Exclusive Managed Access Control

Eliminate the need to hand out keys to your doors to your employees with Sonitrol Access Control. Lock and unlock doors to control when you open/close your business, and where people can go within your facility. Automated reporting shows where your people are going.

Sonitrol manages all of it for you; so adding users and changing your schedule is easy as an email to our Customer Service team. Sonitrol Access Control is inexpensive and easy to add, call us today!

Exclusive Managed Access Control
Sonitrol Video Solutions Are The Best

Sonitrol Video Solutions are the best

Today, CCTV is a valuable management tool to verify employee production, watch shipping/receiving, and avoid needless Workman’s Comp and Slip and Fall claims. Our verified video solutions catch and record criminals in the act for immediate police response.

Sonitrol integrates the security, access, CCTV into one platform for cost effective expansion and growth when you need it. Sonitrol has custom cameras for any application. See our free demo today!

Want something no one else can do?

The ability to remotely view and manage your security, access control, and HD camera system from anywhere all in one app!

  • Arm & disarm from anywhere
  • View system status and activity
  • Add & delete users
  • View live & recorded video

At Sonitrol we provide the best unique, simple, cost effective solutions that grow with your business. Call us today and experience the Sonitrol Difference.

Want Something No One Else Can Do?

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