Sonitrol security means one less worry for managing your construction site.

Any business is at risk for theft without a monitored alarm system, but a construction site is extra vulnerable. Copper theft is rampant, and has been for several years, and stacks of other materials such as lumber, bricks and drywall can disappear. Even heavy equipment isn’t safe, since universal keys are still around. Without secure walls and locking doors, everything that’s on site is a target for criminally minded individuals.

Sonitrol can help secure your job sites night and day. That means less risk of expensive property loss and vandalism and a better chance of catching anyone who tries. Make Your construction sites made safer with Sonitrol’s monitored cameras

Start Your Project with a Monitored Alarm System

The best time to think about security for your job site is before you break ground or begin a renovation job. Hanover Insurance Group suggests that sometimes vandalism and theft is so great, they can turn a profitable job into an overall loss. With the scalability of Sonitrol products, we can help you design a system that’s just right for the largest or smallest project. And if you need it, you can always add on more components to cover more ground.

Flexibility is important in construction. As the project grows your security needs change. When you’re just breaking ground, you need a watchful eye looking over equipment and materials left on site. But as buildings take form, you’ll need additional protection for them. Every step of the way, Sonitrol can rework your system as necessary, and on your schedule.

Equipment isn’t as vulnerable with 24-hour video surveillance.

Video Surveillance Sees What You Can’t

Many criminals start their workday just as you’re ending yours. There are few things as tempting as valuable property that are unattended. But with SonaVision and Video Verification, you don’t have to camp out on site. Sonitrol Central Station operators watch for you.

You’ve got a few options in video surveillance, which is a feature that Security Magazine recommends. Analog cameras can alert you to movement on the site. And HD equipment is so clear, even in low light, that it’s possible to make positive identification. Recordings are stored in the cloud, on a recorder or both, and you can review them any time that you want. Log in to watch recordings from your home computer, if you like, or even use the mobile app.

Audio Surveillance is Comprehensive

Particularly when working inside a structure, detection of an intruder used to be limited to motion sensors. The problem was, that they only detected motion in a set spot. Unless you have sensors from one end of a construction project to another, there’s a lot of vulnerable space. That’s where audio detection makes a huge difference.

Audio surveillance relies on sound, not motion. It doesn’t matter if someone breaks into a structure through a door or a random point in the ceiling, audio picks it up and Sonitrol operators get the message. Protection covers any buildings going up and also the construction office. If operators determine that the sounds that triggered the alert are a valid threat, the police are notified. And because it’s verified by Sonitrol, help arrives nearly an hour sooner.

Access Management Protects Buildings

There’s a point in any construction project where building exteriors are nearly complete and locking doors are in place. That’s a perfect time to rely on Sonitrol access management, especially considering copper theft and how much plumbing and wiring might be inside. Using key cards and assigned permissions, you control who goes in and who has access to which areas.

Construction crews are often large, and they can vary from one week to the next. If someone leaves the job for good, you can disable access permissions or let us do that for you. The same applies to a new worker or any vendors who need access. We’ll also provide you with a report of all comings and goings, so you know what’s happening on your site at all times.

Sonitrol has over 50 years of experience protecting construction sites. We’re one of the largest security companies, and we bring you something that nobody else can touch. When police or fire authorities get an alert from us, they know that it’s valid because we verify everything first. False alarms are nearly eliminated. Because the authorities trust Sonitrol, they respond faster.

Contact Sonitrol of Louisville at (502) 966-8999 or contact us to discuss your construction site security needs. We work with you to design the right system. And once it’s in place, we’re on the job 24 hours every day.



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