Your business is definitely an asset that also attaches sentimental values with it and not just financial importance and securing your business is integrally linked to securing business database and details pertaining to client projects and secrets. Losing any important detail related to your business is sure to cause more harm to your business and damage your industry goodwill as well, let alone, jeopardizing your position in market. With the growing frequency of thefts, burglary and corporate conspiracies, you must have thought at some point of time that only if there was a unique security technology that would let you gain complete control of your entire business and manage where your employees go within the office or how long they stay in a particular area. Secure your business assets with Sonitrol’s electronic card access systems – say goodbye to keys and hello to smart security solutions.

Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security has the perfect answer to your queries related to safeguarding office database or details related to various researches or manufacturing works that’s been conducted in your laboratories and factories. Their unique managed and highly monitored access control system is definitely the ultimate answer to all your worries as this system is beautifully and smartly equipped to deal with workplace security issues. With this specially designed access card system, you don’t have to keep on changing you locks and keys every now and then while you also save a lot of money in the long run. This is a fully electronic system that’s linked with the company’s portal so that you enjoy the ease of controlling the entire system from your own device.

This system of managed door system saves your the trouble of re-keying and buying locks every time an employee leaves or resigns to make sure that they don’t find an alternative way of entering your office’s high-security zones and trade the valuable company data for hefty sums of money. The electronic access system will take care of everything and you just have to change the program scheduling of the locking and unlocking of the doors. The software is capable of taking in all kinds of changes and modifications. Once, you have eliminated the possibility of using keys, you don’t have to worry about losing keys and searching for them before they fall into the wrong hands. Without keys you wouldn’t ever get confused to find out which key fits which lock, since, the card system solves this problem as well.

This system also takes away the pain of maintaining keys and you can be more than relaxed since, you know that now the entire control is in your hands and you can manage everything at the click of a few buttons from your device. Keeping track of everything manually is another painful situation and especially, when you have to remember, which person has keys to which door, it can be a big headache and moreover, you cannot go running after each of your employees to find out about their movements and details related to their activities. The unique electronic key card system saves you the trouble of collecting all details about your employee activities all by yourself, since, this system is connected to Sonitrol’s centralized monitoring station and so the security company is always tracking your employees on behalf of you.


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