Why your warehouse and distribution center need our integrated business security systems

Sonitrol knows that the valuable items you keep in your warehouses and distribution centers are integral to your business. Perhaps they are your business. Traditional, low-tech, business security systems might appeal to a budget sheet, but it’s important to remember that they will also appeal to burglars looking for their way in. You protect your home the best you possibly can; Why not protect the livelihood of your business and employees with the same commitment?

Sonitrol’s advanced technology business security systems offer the option of including verified audio intrusion detection, managed access control, verified video surveillance, fire detection and 24/7 central station monitoring by trained professionals.

Features of Sonitrol’s Business Security Systems:

  • Video Surveillance: Sonitrol uses the most updated technology for uninterrupted recording and crisp images. Our cameras integrate with our verified audio detection towards the elimination of false alarms.
  • Verified Audio: Just one Sonitrol sensor can cover 5,000 square feet. Strategically placed, they provide floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage. Most importantly, they allow our team to listen in and determine if an actual break-in is in progress or if it is a false alarm. If an intrusion is verified, police will be dispatched immediately with real-time information. This feature has resulted in Sonitrol’s achieving the highest apprehension rate and lowest false alarm rate in the security industry.
  • Access Control: A successful business security system will not only protect you from those outside of your building but also from within. Sonitrol’s access control efficiently tracks who goes in and out and when they do. If an employee leaves the company, their card is deactivated with the click of a button and can be updated and reused by another person.

Finally, Sonitrol’s Central Station Monitoring assures that when you’re away from the office, a trusted professional is always watching and ready to respond to a break-in immediately, in real time. Don’t leave even an inch of your warehouse vulnerable. Contact us so we can further demonstrate our services and commitment to be the provider of your quality business security systems.


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