“Can you all install a camera security system? I just bought four cameras but need help in getting them installed.”

We receive this request all the time.

Our response is that we will be happy to install your cameras for you, but we would advise calling a professional camera installer like Sonitrol before you purchase the cameras on your own. Here are four reasons why:

Professionals will help you select the best camera security system for the results you want. 

Not all cameras are created equal. There are 180-degree cameras for wide-angle views, cameras mounted on the ceiling providing 360-degree overhead views, cameras offering narrow shots to peer down hallways, and cameras with zoom lenses to capture the most specific of details. Professional camera security system installers can help you select the absolute best equipment for the results you want.

Additionally, there are a host of other pieces of behind-the-scenes equipment, such as power supplies, wireless transmitters, cabling extenders, etc. These require technical knowledge to properly build into a camera system design.

A Sonitrol professional installs a camera security systemProfessionals will know how and where to install the equipment to get the results you want. 

Designing and installing a camera system is part art and part science.

  • EXAMPLE 1 (Science): When mounting cameras, certain types of walls require certain types of drill bits and tools to cut through them. Sometimes this is obvious after simply looking at the wall. Other times, it takes experience to know that beneath that outer layer is a harder layer that will chew up a drill bit and potentially ruin a wall.
  • EXAMPLE 2 (Art): Running wire means balancing the most direct route with the simplest one. It takes experience to eye this up and make the best decisions for what will work and look best.

Something as simple as camera location on a wall instead of a ceiling can produce dramatically different video quality. Professionals will go that extra step to get the best possible shot.

Professionals will save you time & money by installing the camera security system faster and more efficiently than you will be able to.

Some customers insist on running their own camera lines. In almost every case, this ends up costing the customer more time and money than if they had let professionals install the entire security system.

A professional already know how to run the wiring. They know what type of connectors to use and where to use them. They know the common challenges for camera installations and have the appropriate tools and skills to overcome them.

This all translates to more savings for you, so you can spend your time and money doing what you do best.

Professionals will guarantee their work.

If you install a camera system yourself and something goes wrong, what will you do?

Most professional security companies will provide a guarantee on their work. If you have equipment that fails within a specified amount of time, they’ll make it right. Be sure to ask about this before choosing a company.

Sonitrol, a Louisville security company, is unique in the industry. We offer lifetime service and maintenance on our camera systems as part of our package. If our equipment becomes obsolete, we will provide repairs and upgrades.

When hard drives fail (and they will) or cameras burn out (and they can), we’ll come out and fix them as part of our continued relationship with our customers, no additional charge to you.

 Do we install camera systems? Yes, we sure do. But we also provide more than simple installation.

We provide the team of experienced designers and installation technicians backed by unprecedented guarantees on our work. We provide peace of mind knowing you’re working with a local company who cares about our customers.

That’s why we recommend you choose the professionals to provide and install your camera system.

We’d love to be those professionals for you.


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