Get extensive security facilities for your store to prevent theft, burglary, shoplifting and other accidents in the premises

Setting up a store and running it successfully is a real struggle that every store owner has to face eventually and there are in fact a number of aspects that they have to consider and componentize before they actually take the big leap. Establishing a midsized or bigger sized store, needs a lot of financing, space, sufficient stock, trained staff and most importantly upgraded security facilities that will prevent mishaps like burglary, theft and shoplifting including accidents occurring due to fire breakout, water flooding, sudden change in temperature and power outage.

You have to be extra vigilant round the clock and train your employees to be careful at the same time. These are the very basic considerations but a solid and full fledged security facility is much more than that and you must appreciate the fact that the advancing and ever innovating phases in technology are bringing about developments in different aspects of life and the same applies for the security industry. With Sonitrol’s monitored security equipments backed by high definition digital security camera and audio recorders, you can surely expect positive results, especially, in terms of promoting your store as a leading brand.

The verified audio video intrusion alarm systems by Sonitrol are designed to integrate and incorporate a number of features and facilities that create better opportunities for you to prevent any criminal activity in your store, including shoplifting and may be discrepant behaviour from your staff, especially the ones in the cash section or in charge of stocks. The digital recording solutions by Sonitrol are designed exclusively to cover almost every angle of your store and give you maximum peace of mind.

The digital recording devices, firstly come at a very reasonable price and they can cover a vast area on the whole. These recorder cameras can be connected to the internet or the cloud storage system so that you can access the recordings whenever you want to and from anywhere, as you please. The unique monitored video system has made these digital recording devices all the more useful as the recordings are streamed immediately to the Sonitrol video assessment centre and the specialists can verify the situation at hand at the earliest. Whether, you have installed Analog, IP, wireless or megapixel camera, you will surely reap the best benefits when it comes to strengthening the vigilance within your retail store or your big dealership space.

Having a store to your credit means, having a wide variety of products and items in stock for your customers and this increases the chances of petty burglars and thieves who would use a whole lot of crazy ideas to work their way into your shop and here Sonitrol CCTV system coupled with the IP security camera systems emerge as a great package for you. The digital video recorders have great resolutions and zoom capacity that gives you a much more clearer picture of your culprits even if they have  the location.

Further, these recording systems come with POS integration as well as cash register book integration facilities so that you can keep a closer eye on your employees as well. The hybrid DVR system let’s you blend the IP camera and Analog technologies to render better results. They also come with offsite storage facilities to upgrade your benefits. The range of video analytics is really amazing and this gives you better scope to watch over your employees, buyers and the products that they are buying from your store.

Lastly the fire system monitoring let’s you stay updated about any accidents occurring due to fire breakout and eventually you can take timely action to save your products, materials, cash add important data, before everything is destroyed.


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