Make your construction area or factory space safer with upgraded security solutions that guarantee complete safety

Your business is one of your primary assets that needs to grow and prosper with time and better profiteering but without a monitored security system, not only your business, any organizational system is at a constant risk of facing threats of vandalism and burglary from the various antisocial elements that keep an eye on all entrepreneurial setups that are at a growth stage. Most industrial thieves are interested in taking over the items like copper, lumber, drywall and bricks each of which form important elements in the construction industry.

The construction sites face maximum risk of burglary of construction materials, since, there are no strong walls and secure doors or keys to prevent the burglars from escaping with your materials. This is where the Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security firm’s burglar alarms give you optimum safety against the burglars who can cause major damage to your construction business and lead you to buying more materials unnecessarily. Additionally, the CCTV system increases your chances of catching the ones who try to steal heavy and costly materials from your site.

Without carefully planned monitored security facilities you might as well face such deeply ingrained damages that can cause grave loss and devastation to your business on the whole. With Sonitrol’s intrusion alarm and HD security cameras you can always watch over your site and get immediate notification as soon as there is any suspicious activity going on in your site. Whether, yours is a small project or a bigger one, the professionals at Sonitrol can guide you in customizing your security system to get maximum benefit at affordable price.

The good thing about adhering to Sonitrol security system is that these are very flexibly designed systems that can be redesigned and re-created once your security requirements change with time and progress in construction work. The professionals in the company are available round the clock to discuss and consult you over the best choices that you can avail for the safety of your materials and streamlined growth of your project. This is what makes Sonitrol one of the most sought after choices for the various construction companies as well as property owners looking to develop their assets.

With digital security camera systems you have better chances of securing your site and your materials at any time of the day, since, theft of construction materials take place primarily at night when there’s no one to watch over the things personally. Further, the burglar alarm system on detecting an intrusion, equipments help you detect and handover the real culprits to the police in a matter of few hours. The HD cameras give you full clarity even at night and this leaves no chance that the burglars can escape the site without being noticed.

Additionally, the mobile app from Sonitrol let’s you access and watch the video recordings anytime from anywhere so that you are filly aware of what’s going on in your site in your absence. Moreover, the digital audio recorders keep you updated about any conversation that’s going on among your workers so that you are aware of any conspiracies being hatched against you by people working with you. The audio sensors pick up any and every kind of sound so that the Sonitrol professionals are always on guard to listen to the recordings the moment they are streamed to the company’s headquarter.

The access control system can be installed once the building is near completion and doors are placed and this let’s you control the movement of your employees and prevents unwanted entry by outsiders as they don’t have access rights. If you have a construction project at hand then Sonitrol has the perfect solution for you.


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