Sonitrol can make your key card system safer, more secure and a lot more flexible.

While facility security is probably at the forefront of your concerns, there’s another point where you can keep your business safer. Access control complements your security monitoring program because it lets you decide who goes in, and when they have permission to do so.

Managed Access isn’t just about key cards and locking and unlocking doors. It’s about controlling who can access any part of the the building, which makes the whole facility safer.

Here’s what Sonitrol can do for your business.

Have Complete Control Over Your Facility

Unless yours is a very small operation with only a handful of employees, you need managed access. Managing who has access to the building gives you control over who can go where, and when they can have that access at all. Key cards make your building safer, according to Buildings magazine, and Sonitrol makes key cards better.

Visitors, temporary contractors and employees can each have individual permissions, some of which might vary from the others. In fact, some of those can change from day to day. For example, one employee might need access to a warehouse every Thursday, but not every employee does.

When there’s a new hire or a person leaves the job, you can assign or terminate permissions without having keys made, rekeying the door or hoping to get a set of manual keys back. You can even do this remotely, or we can handle it so that you don’t have to.

Manage Key Card Access or Let Us Do That

There’s something to be said for having fewer jobs on your plate. But then again, some people prefer to personally monitor access permissions. You can do either, or you can do both.

Our operators can monitor your system 24 hours a day from the central station. And when you need new permissions set for an employee or a temporary visitor, vendor or contractor, it’s all managed on our end. But if you want to set permissions, you can do that from your office or through the mobile app if you’re not there. is a web-based service where you can log in and manage your account. That’s available to you at any time, and even if we manage permissions for you most of the time.

Nights, weekends or on vacation, you can still manage permissions and get reports using the mobile app.

Receive Detailed Reports of All Comings and Goings

One of the biggest benefits, aside from security, is the detailed reports that are available about your system. We keep consistent records of who accesses the building and when. And you can generate reports on that activity whenever you like. You can also view it online or with the mobile app.

You can view time and attendance reports, scheduling reports, and also set and monitor scheduled door locks and unlocks for any part of the building. And whenever you want it, you can communicate directly with your Sonitrol operator, day or night.

If you manage more than one facility, you don’t need separate tools for all of them. When you log in to assign permissions, unlock a door or view reports, just select which facility you want to manage first, and all of the actions that you select will apply to only that facility.

You can also take access into your own hands with eAccess. This self-managed method uses your network, key cards and key card readers and offers a host of security options. You get access control, video / DVR, alarm inputs, elevator control, video badging, temperature monitoring and more. It even lets you manage visitor access.

Sonitrol of Louisville is always looking out for the security of your business. We do that through audio monitoring that detects break ins, video surveillance to put a face to the offender, fire monitoring to keep your employees and assets safe, and controlling who walks through the door.

If you’re ready to expand your security to include managed access, give us a call at (502) 966-8999. Or you can contact us online.



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