The best intrusion detection system helps you stop a crime instead of reacting to it later.

A Sonitrol monitored intrusion detection system has the trust of business owners and police departments across the country, and with good reason. Our systems alert a trained operator immediately when there’s a trigger. With audio, you aren’t limited to the typical alarm points, such as doors and windows. Any sound alerts the operator, who can determine whether a crime is actually happening. Police know up front whether a call is valid.

Verified audio and operators who know what’s normal, and what’s not, for your business are what set Sonitrol apart. Your operator can discern the difference between ordinary noises and those that indicate a crime in progress. That information gets help dispatched sooner, which keeps your business safer than motion sensors can.

Here are 5 reasons why a Sonitrol security system with verified audio is one of the best decisions that you can make for your commercial property:

Benefit #1: Improved Break in Detection Accuracy

Sonitrol’s intrusion detection system is different because it verifies that a break in is taking place. Not all alarms are authentic break ins, but this system can tell which is which. Where a motion-based security system is triggered based on activity, a Sonitrol system alerts an operator who automatically listens and verifies what’s taking place. Listen here to a real audio clip of a commercial robbery in progress, and you’ll see how verification makes all the difference.

Benefit #2: Reduced False Alarm Calls

False alarms are a nuisance for you and for emergency responders. The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing says that every false alarm where police officers are dispatched uses about 20 minutes of manpower per call, per officer. That adds up to millions of dollars every year. With break-in verification, false alarms are dramatically reduced.

Police can receive up-to-the-minute data before they even arrive.

Benefit #3: Real-Time Audio

Real-time audio helps operators verify, but it also does something more. Once police are dispatched, Sonitrol operators can stay connected and relay information as it happens. That gives police the upper hand when approaching a business that’s being robbed. According to the FBI 2010 Property Crime Report, the risk of commercial break ins goes up after business hours when no one else is there, so police entering the scene need all the information that they can get. The more they know, the more likely they are to catch the people responsible, and the safer the officers can be.

Benefit #4: Faster Response Time

With a self-monitored system, response time depends on when you get the alert and how fast you can make a call. But with a Sonitrol verified audio system, the average response time is about 7 minutes. That also shaves nearly 40 minutes off the response time for other monitored systems that don’t use audio verification.

Although most commercial robberies happen at night, hold-up alerts keep you safe during business hours.

Benefit #5: Optional Hold-up Alert System

You might think about robberies happening when the business is closed for the day. And many break-ins do happen at night. But what about robberies during business hours? We can add an optional hold-up alert function to your monitored system, which sends a live audio feed to an operator the same as with a break in after hours.

Most commercial properties have some sort of security, but motion sensors really aren’t enough. Response time is slow and apprehension rates are low. A monitored system helps. But with verified audio, you get cutting edge technology that law enforcement trusts.

The safety of your business and everything in it depends on the best security that you can get. With Sonitrol of Louisville, you’ll have a trained, dedicated operator standing by 24 hours a day. And with verified audio, you’ll have one of the most sophisticated tools available. Contact us today to learn more about verified audio, and how this unique feature can keep your intrusion detection system the best that it can be.


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