Sonitrol of Louisville's Service AgreementSonitrol offers the best technology in the industry. To back that up, though, Sonitrol of Louisville also provides the best service agreement to make sure the technology stays functional.

When a company signs a service agreement with Sonitrol of Louisville, we provide four general services. In this post, we’ll take a look at what’s actually in the service agreement and explain what it all means.

1. System obsolescence:

In the event that the client Video Recorder fails to function and is not repairable after a period of 36 (thirty six) months, Sonitrol will replace the unit with current technology of the same capability or better at no charge to the client.

If the client chooses to upgrade their Digital Recorder for a more robust platform, Sonitrol provides 100% credit of the existing Digital Recorder against a new system cost.

If you’ve had your system for a while and a part breaks, finding a replacement can be a challenge. Instead of going through the hassle of tracking down an old part, we’ll upgrade it for you to equal or better quality. This means buying a system from us guarantees you’ll have a functioning system as long as you continue having service with us.

And down the road if you ever want to purchase a more elaborate system, we’ll effectively buy back your old system and credit that toward new purchase.

We know needs change over time. We don’t want signing a contract with us to mean locking you into a system that might not be what you need as your company grows.

2. Complete parts and labor repair/replacement on every system device for the life of the system:

Sonitrol will repair or replace any failed device or component of the system with current technology of the same capability or better at no charge to the client for the life of the system.

DVRs wear out. If they’re recording video for a facility, they might be running all day long or at least most of the night. Depending on how much recording they’re doing each week, a brand new DVR might last three to four years. With Sonitrol of Louisville’s service agreement, we cover the costs for a new one.

We’ll do this for every part in your system.

This isn’t only for parts either. Labor is included as well. At $100+/hour, labor can easily get expensive.

Some companies make all their money sending techs to service your equipment. We trust ours.

3. All software upgrades and licensing:

The Sonitrol Care Agreement covers all software upgrades and licenses on every system device for the life of the system. All remote client software is included.

Cameras need licenses. Monitoring software often needs to be upgraded.

Instead of nickeling and diming you with irregular changes over the life of your system, we build all this into our service agreement. We’ll pay to keep all the paperwork and software up to date. You pay us just a flat fee each month to cover all your service costs.

It’s like that doctor analogy. You pay us to keep your system healthy. We pay for whatever we need to make sure that happens.

4. All loaner equipment, labor, shipping, and repair costs:

In the event that Sonitrol needs to remove the Digital Recorder or any system device from the client premise for repair, Sonitrol will provide a loaner device at no charge to the client. All equipment repairs, shipping, and labor costs are all covered by the Sonitrol Care Agreement. In the event that the removed device cannot be repaired, Sonitrol will replace the device with a current technology device of the same or better quality at no charge to the client.

If your system fails, it can cost a fortune to rent and install a backup system while yours gets repaired. The other option would be to go without a working system, putting your facilities at risk, just what potential thieves would like you to do.

Since we’re a security company and have a running inventory of equipment, we can loan you the parts while we get yours repaired.

You win because you don’t have to pay the emergency cost of getting new equipment for just a short time. We win because we’re able to guarantee consistent security for you, even when parts break down.

As an added bonus, loaning our equipment to you creates an added incentive for us to get yours repaired quickly.

Caveats: Specific service agreement exclusions

There are a few cases that are not covered under the service agreement. These include the following:

  • The service agreement does not cover “Acts of God” – i.e. storm, water, wind, electrical damage. In many cases, insurance will cover these costs for you. Check with them, though, before assuming anything.
  • The service agreement does not cover abnormal use, abuse, or vandalism of covered equipment. In other words, don’t take a hammer to your system and then expect us to repair it for free. Again, if it’s caused by criminals, insurance can often help cover these costs.
  • The service agreement does not cover buried cable, overhead cable, or conduit. If you have any equipment located above 25 feet, we’ll charge you a fee for the lift rental.
  • The service agreement does not cover system repair in the event the software becomes infected with a virus or malware. This doesn’t happen very often, but it’s worth knowing that it’s not covered before committing to a system.

Lastly, it’s important to realize that signing the service agreement with us means committing to at least 60 months of service.

One of the ways we’re able to provide such an excellent service guarantee is because we know customers who sign with us stay with us long term. Frankly, we just can’t provide this level of service for someone who will only be with us a few months. On the other hand, if you’re willing to be with us for the long haul, we’ll provide everything you need.

Many of our customers have outlasted our initial service agreement many years. They continue to renew each year because they’ve experienced first hand the service we provide.

You commit to sticking with us. We commit to taking care of you.


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