Peace of mind comes from knowing that your commercial property is protected.

Most business owners have a fairly reasonable idea about how to keep their commercial property safe. But Sonitrol of Louisville has it down to a science. In fact, providing the best security with the most advanced options is the only reason we’re in business at all.

You could install your own system, and it might work reasonably well. But with Sonitrol’s verified systems, you get the expected benefits plus all of these:

#1: Detect Burglars Before They Break In

Plenty of alarm systems can detect a break in once the burglar has gained access to your place of business through a door, window, loading dock or another point of entry. But commercial security companies such as Sonitrol can not only detect a break in before anything is actually broken, they can alert the police quickly.

The second that an alarm is triggered, Sonitrol audio monitoring begins. Operators listen to determine whether a break in is authentic or accidental, and dispatch police immediately if necessary. Read more about how audio monitoring works in our blog post, “Police Departments Trust Sonitrol.”

Monitored security can dispatch fire fighters any time, night or day.

#2: Save Precious Minutes, Lives and Your Business During a Fire

When there’s a fire in your place of business, every second counts. This is true whether you’re in the shop or office at the time or not. But the U.S. Office of Compliance Safety and Health explains that most reported business property fires happen where no detectors exist. A monitored system can have emergency responders on their way faster than you can, even if you are at work.

Additionally, if the business is closed, unmonitored smoke detectors can’t help at all. Monitored smoke detectors will. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home for the evening or a thousand miles away on vacation. With monitored fire protection, the fire department will be dispatched and on its way to save your business and everything in it.

#3: Identify Prowlers and Burglars

If you have any pets, you’ve probably had the unnerving experience of them going on high alert at something you didn’t hear. But since pets usually stay at home, that doesn’t often happen at your place of business. And not all prowlers break in, at least not every time.

With commercial property video surveillance, you’ll know if anyone is sneaking around the building or grounds. But more than that, with sensitive cameras, the authorities could have something real to go on – a face. Sonitrol’s advanced video analytics can detect a person and record the image, and then our Central Station can dispatch the police.

#4: Reduce False Alarm Incidents

One reason why some business owners are reluctant to install a monitored system is the incidence of false alarms. When something triggers an alarm, such as an early-arrival employee or an off-hours work crew, the police might be dispatched if no one knows the difference. But Sonitrol of Louisville knows the difference.

False burglar alarms cost police departments over $1 billion per year, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. But the same Sonitrol audio that tells operators whether a break in is authentic can save you and local authorities from those unnecessary false calls. This reduces the drain on police manpower, and gives you more peace of mind.

Remote access and cloud video storage lets you check on your business, even if you’re away.

#5: Access Security Monitoring Remotely

Wouldn’t it be great to view your interior and exterior commercial security cameras from home or check on employees while you’re out of town? With a Sonitrol system, you can do that. Anywhere you have an Internet connection, you can keep an eye on your business.

Another possible feature is alerts via email or SMS text messaging. When video cameras are triggered on, you could get an alert, which lets you log in using your smartphone or tablet to see what’s happening at work.

Commercial security companies keep your business and employees safe, whether you’re there or not. If there’s a fire, if someone is prowling around, or if someone attempts to break in, help is on the way, probably faster than you could make the call yourself.

Partnering with Sonitrol of Louisville could be the best business investment that you make. Give us a call at (502) 966-8999 to learn more about why monitored commercial security is safe, reliable, and helps protect everything that you value.



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