Sonitrol keeps even the most sensitive areas of your business safe.

Your server isn’t just a cool, humming room with a lot of lights, boxes and cables. No, it’s the brains of your entire business, and that makes it vitally important to protect.

Server room threats might be human, and then again they might not. These areas are vulnerable because they are so critical to daily operation, and also because so many different problems can spell disaster for you.

Here are 5 ways that you can protect your server room using Sonitrol integrated security solutions:

Access Control on All Points of Entry

Access control is your first line of defense, and it also makes good sense for daily operation. Using key cards and Sonitrol’s managed access, you’ll always know who enters and exits the room, and when.

You can assign different levels of clearance, assign access permissions, deactivate permissions, and do all of this on site or from anywhere else using the mobile app. Or we can do it for you. access management also gives you time and attendance reports, scheduling reports, and the ability to programs locking and unlocking of doors at specified times.

Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Server rooms are always cool for a reason. Industry-specific server cooling professionals such as Newairexplain that when the cooling system goes down, everything is at risk. Overheating is the primary cause of data loss, and that can be as devastating as theft.

Sonitrol’s temperature monitoring can help keep your data and the whole server room safe. If the cooling system fails and the temperature goes up, you’ll get a notification in time to do something about it. That’s great on weekdays, and it can save your whole business if it happens over a weekend or holiday.

Water Infiltration Alerts

If there’s anything more detrimental to electronics than overheating, it would probably be water. Water infiltration isn’t a common problem in server rooms. But sometimes these rooms are located below ground, which means water is all around and could, at least in theory, leak through anytime.

If the worst were to happen and water reached your server room, rising levels would create an alert. That alert could get help in time to prevent any damage at all.

Video and audio work together for complete server room coverage.

Door and Room Monitoring

A Sonitrol security system covers your traditional points of access, which are the doors. But we go a lot further than that. The way that a Sonitrol system works is different from other systems. Instead of just motion sensors on doors, we use audio that can detect a break in no matter where it happens, even through the ceiling or any wall.

Pair in video, and you have well-rounded coverage. Recorded video continues 24 hours a day. You can store it on site of offsite, and review it any time you like, even from our mobile app And if there’s movement in the server room, your cameras automatically send a 10-second clip to Sonitrol operators, who can determine whether a threat is real and get police dispatch involved.

Smoke and Heat Detection

If water or a cooling system malfunction weren’t enough to worry about, fire can take your server room and reduce it to nothing. It’s one of the biggest and fastest moving risks to your server room and your whole business. Sonitrol can help keep you safer.

Our fire protection includes heat and smoke detection, and our monitoring stations only serve Sonitrol customers. We verify the fire threat, which gets emergency help to your business much faster than any other alarm system on the market.

Your business has a lot of different elements that need protection, but none is more important than the server room. It’s hard to imagine an area that’s more fragile, either.

When the brains of your operation is in good hands, business goes on as usual. If there is ever a threat, whether it’s a burglary attempt or a system failure, Sonitrol of Louisville will verify it, notify the right authorities, and help you stay in operation.

Contact us online today or at (502) 966-8999 to learn more about how to protect your server room and your whole business.



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