The Sonitrol Mobile App: How to run security from your phone, tablet, anywhere

How the Sonitrol Mobile App Changes the Game by Integrating all Your Services into One Place…

It’s been a while since we introduced a product that has the potential to so radically improve our customers’ experience. We recently released such a product. The new Sonitrol Mobile App is a game changer.

The Sonitrol Mobile App offers the ability to integrate our intrusion systems seamlessly with our access control systems and our camera systems. No other security company in the industry can offer this much integration in one app. You’d typically need multiple different apps to accomplish the same tasks.

Our panels are already integrated. They allow a system with our exclusive audio sensors and door contacts to share the same panel as your access control system that automatically lock or unlock on schedule or with key cards. This saves our customers from having to purchase separate contr0l systems for separate functions.  Sonitrol can provide seamless integration across multiple platforms.

Now, not only will the systems be integrated but our customers will be able to control these integrated systems from anywhere.   On top of that, they’ll also be able to access their digital recorders to view and search footage on their camera systems, all from the same app.

AppDisarmArm/Disarm from anywhere with the Sonitrol app

You leave the office and forget to arm the system. No problem. Pull out your phone and arm while you’re on your way home.

Or maybe you don’t want someone to have the authority to disarm your system, but that person needs to get in the building after hours. No problem. Disarm the system yourself from home and then rearm once that person is finished inside.

Edit security and access users from anywhere with the Sonitrol app

You have to let someone go. They currently have access to all the main doors in the building. No problem.

Log into the Sonitrol mobile app and deactivate them from the system. It takes just a few minutes. No need to worry that their key will allow them back 20 minutes after they leave the premises.

AppHistoryCheck system status from anywhere with the Sonitrol app

Want to check if your system automatically armed on time?

Want to see which door was forced open and at what time?

Want to find out when the second shift supervisor closed for the day?

All of this is available in activity on the mobile app.

But this is just the beginning. The real magic will come into play when we integrate these features with our camera systems.

Peek into cameras from anywhere with the Sonitrol app

Thanks to 3X Logic’s recent work on Sonitrol’s product line, the new Sonitrol Mobile App will allow us to connect your 3X Logic camera system to the rest of your Sonitrol systems.

If you get an alarm on your front door, you can instantly check your front door cam to verify who, if anyone, entered that way.

Before arming your system for the night, you can check your parking lot cameras to see if anyone looks like they’re still in the building.

These are just a few examples of how the new Sonitrol Mobile App is going to benefit our customers. No other security company can offer the same benefits all in one app.

For now, we’re simply excited to tell you about it.

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