The last thing that anyone wants is a security threat in or around his bank, whether you’re the owner, manager, or customer. Bank crimes have always been around. Ne’er-do-wells with a taste for other people’s money know that while bank security often appears strong, loopholes in it could mean a payoff worth the risk.

And it’s not only money that potential thieves are after anymore. Confidential information can often be even more valuable.

With Sonitrol, your whole bank is safer, whether it’s up front with the teller, in one of the offices, a remote parking lot behind the building, or even the safes and vaults out of site . It’s not a single approach that does the trick, but companion approaches that work together seamlessly give you and your customers peace of mind.

Here are 4 keys to making your establishment safer:

#1: Security Begins with Customer Service

Attentive customer service does more than make bank customers feel welcome. They’re your first line of interpersonal defense as it applies to criminals looking for an easy way to access to files, a room with sensitive information, or compromise security for a later date.

Experts say your front desk team should have ample training in your security protocol, such as always asking for and verifying identification. They see every customer who enters, and they’re often the ones who see criminals enter the building. Even the well-dressed ones who look like they belong there.

#2: Managed Access Keeps Banks Safer

The days when a rack of metal keys hung behind the clerk’s desk are long gone. But enhanced credentials don’t always mean banks are safer. Some have known faults, which leaves everyone at risk if they’re not updated.

Sonitrol’s managed access is cutting edge, and you have different options for access control. You can assign access to certain employees and then deactivate access any time you like using your computer or digital device. Sonitrol operators can also assign and deactivate access for you, at your request. And with a simple login to your account, you can view who has entered and left any area at any time. No more mysteries.

We’re your eyes and ears in every corner of your hotel and grounds.

#3: Verified Audio and Video Surveillance Make Every Area Safer

One of the most important ways that Sonitrol is different and better is our verified audio and video surveillance. They work together to protect your property inside and out. Unlike motion-sensor security systems, Sonitrol audio is triggered by the sound of an intrusion. Operators at the Central Station listen and determine whether a crime is really happening, and they alert the authorities if necessary.

With video, you get state-of-the-art equipment that not only records activity in and around your bank in HD, but does it so clearly that operators can confirm that a crime is happening and criminals are more easily identified. This verification, both of audio and video, means authorities respond as much as 40 minutes faster, they have a much better chance of apprehension, and your bank stays safer.

#4: Fire Monitoring Saves Lives

Bank crimes aren’t the only problems that bankers face. Accurate fire detection can prevent loss of property and lives, and early detection improves your odds on all fronts. What’s better, Sonitrol fire protection blends seamlessly with your whole security system.

Sonitrol fire monitoring is in the capable hands of Central Station operators who are trained on your account. You have an operator on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. They know the difference between a break in and fire alert, can verify either, and have help on its way within minutes.

Banks should be a place of safety for your customers, your customers’ funds and information, and your employees. But the Bureau of Justice Statistics says that 9,100 incidents of violent crime and 10,820 incidents of property crime were reported by banks in 2008. There is certainly no shortage of criminally minded individuals. But with the right security system, your risks are a lot lower and police response, if there is a problem, comes a lot faster.

There’s really no reason not to consider Sonitrol. Not only can we offer you the most comprehensive system on the market, our verified coverage means you’ll never pay for false alarm fines caused by our equipment.

Give Sonitrol of Louisville a call today at (502) 966-8999 to discuss your bank security and fire safety needs. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan that leaves no area vulnerable.



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