You want the best for your business, and Sonitrol commercial security gives it to you.

Security is a lot more than a simple alarm on doors and windows. Where once a good set of locks was plenty, criminally-minded people have learned to thwart the bare minimum. Fortunately, Sonitrol keeps up with the times and even sets the bar.

Since criminals have plenty of ways and means for gaining access, a comprehensive commercial security system includes several components. What sets Sonitrol apart is the fact that we integrate all four sides of security into a seamless system. Other security companies would try to sell you multiple systems that can’t talk with one another.

Our operators have dedicated accounts, so whoever is on duty knows what’s normal for your business.

#1: Audio Verification
With Sontrol, it all starts with audio verification.

False alarms are the bane of many business owners’ existence. Police departments aren’t fond of them either, since they take valuable manpower away for something that turns out to be unnecessary. Audio verification helps Sonitrol know whether your alarm has activated because of an unlawful entry, or of something more innocent is to blame.

When your system alerts an operator that something’s not right, an audio feed begins immediately. Your trained Sonitrol operators then listens in. If he hears the telltale signs of a burglary, he alerts the authorities. But if he determines that it’s just a maintenance crew or something else that’s not a break in in progress, he resets the system and nobody has to react.

Video surveillance means no part of your property is ever really unprotected.

#2: Video Surveillance

According to the IRS, the fair market value of commercial property immediately after a theft is considered to be zero. But video surveillance is another set of watchful eyes to help prevent it. It works during the daytime for areas that you can’t monitor, and it serves your whole property after the close of business. Sonitrol operators stand by 24 hours a day every day. If motion trips a sensor, video cameras switch on and send a live feed.

Additionally Sonitrol video analytics are smart. They filter out normal things such as weather or a leaf blowing by. But when a vehicle or person is detected, the system alerts our Central Station, and your operator can determine whether or not a crime is happening (or about to). You can even view the feed yourself using a smartphone or any Internet-ready device that has a connection.

Sonitrol’s integrated systems can even arm/disarm the security system and view cameras within the same app.

#3: Fire Protection

Protection against theft is the main concern of many business owners, but fire can take more than a few valuables. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, non-residential fires have dropped substantially since 1977, but reports still come in at over 100,000 annually. Where recovering from a break in takes time, fire can be devastating.

That’s why guarding against fire loss should be a top concern in securing your business. Our fire protection works in concert with the rest of your system, and includes heat and smoke detection, sprinklers, as well as pulls stations. And when an alarm goes to our Central Station, your operator can alert the right emergency responders – the fire department.

Key cards give you more control over employee access.

#4: Managed Access

You’ve no doubt experienced the way that hotels have switched from metal keys to key cards. They make rooms safer, since each card can be activated and deactivated from a central location. They also can’t be duplicated the way that metal keys can. Our Managed Access system lets you control who has access and who doesn’t.

We have a database of all of your cardholders, and can create reports for you that outline entries and exits, attendance, and other comings and goings 24 hours a day. We can also deactivate any use’s card upon your request, or alter their access so that some employees can enter parts of the building and others can’t. Or if you prefer to take control yourself (for instance, if you need someone deleted from the system immediately), you can do this from our Sontrol app as well.

No one else in the business combines security, camera systems, and access control in one app. We just think it makes sense. The web-based technology we use means we’re way ahead of the curve in being able to provide this type of integrated system under one platform.

Protecting your business takes a multifaceted approach. It also requires attention 24 hours a day, every day, even on nights and weekends. Fortunately, Sonitrol is always on the job.

We’ll work with you to determine the best security components for your business. Maybe you need something ultra sophisticated. Or maybe you want something simpler. Whatever you decide, you can relax knowing that everything that we install and monitor is top-of-the-line and that we’re always looking out for your safety.

Call Sonitrol of Louisville at (502) 966-8999 to discuss your commercial security needs. We have the strongest reputation in the country, because we get it right.


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