Kitchens are busy places, but Sonitrol is never too busy to watch your back.

The last thing a guest at a restaurant might think about is whether or not a crime will happen. Going out to dinner, or even grabbing a quick lunch, means thinking about food, not worrying about a hold up. But an alarming trend shows a spike in restaurant crimes, many of which happen during business hours.

Restaurant security means a lot more than just setting alarms at the close of business. There are so many different risks, and some of them are right under a business owner’s nose – the employees. But when you choose a Sonitrol security system for your restaurant, you’ll know you’re getting the most up to date protection available.

Hold Ups are a Restaurant Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Fast food restaurants are a particular target for hold ups, which put property and human lives at risk. NBCDFW, which is the Dallas Fort Worth NBC affiliate, explains that armed robbers may enter a restaurant to face employees at the counter, or they may attempt a hold up at a drive through window.

The Lexington Herald Leader says shots were fired during recent business hours at the Lexington Cook Out location. Fortunately, no one was hurt. With Sonitrol’s panic buttons, your cashiers and other restaurant employees could send an alert to the Sonitrol monitoring station at the first sign of trouble.

Internal theft can also happen through your computer system, but security cameras can catch a crook.

Employees are Sometimes Culprits

Internal loss threatens a restaurant owner’s livelihood, but a Sonitrol system helps curb the possibility. With CCTV monitoring set up in strategic locations, you can keep an eye on activity both inside and outside. If an employee decides to steal, capturing the event on camera means both you and the authorities know who is responsible.

We have helped authorities capture over 150,000 criminals, and our specialized detection is part of the reason why. Even if you’re not there, your security system always is. You can read more about our success rates here.

Cooler and Freezer Failure Costs Dearly

Sometimes loss isn’t at the hands of a person with bad intentions, but at the whim of a piece of equipment that’s on the fritz. Any time a walk-in cooler or freezer breaks down, it’s bad news for a restaurant owner. If the break down happens overnight, you could lose money, time and assets.

Sonitrol can install a temperature monitoring device that works in conjunction with fire prevention equipment. If the temperature inside a cooler gets too high, you’ll get an alert that lets you take action fast instead of opening up to a mess later.

The cost of a monitored system is nothing compared to the many ways you can save people and property.

Nighttime Break-Ins Also Cost Fortunes

Although many restaurant crimes happen during business hours, vandals and burglars are also happy to conform to the stereotypical profile of breaking in at night. While that’s the last thing you’d ever want to happen, it’s another area where a Sonitrol system shines.

Sonitrol audio security doesn’t trip when motion is detected, like a lot of other systems. An alert goes to a Sonitol operator when sound is detected. Instead of only having protection at doors and windows, you’ll get a system that knows when someone gains access from any part of the restaurant, even the ceiling. And once an operator gets the alert, he’ll listen in to confirm that it’s really a crime in progress. That gets help to your business sooner, and reduces false alarms.

Restaurants have several areas of vulnerability, but Sonitrol covers them all. Internal theft, hold ups, break ins, fire, and even faulty equipment are no match for the coverage that we can provide. We have the expertise, technology and proven results to protect your business better than anyone else.

When you’re ready to give your restaurant the highest protection that you can get, give Sonitrol of Louisville a call at (502) 966-8999. We work with you to make every aspect of your business safer.



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