Due to COVID-19, police are only responding to verified alarms.

If you are using motion detectors, the police are not coming.

WDRB reported that “Louisville Metro Police will no longer respond to several emergency situations, including some burglaries and speeding.”

Now more than ever, it is critical that the police have accurate information before dispatching. They cannot waste resources responding to false alarms.

Thankfully, Sonitrol of Louisville specializes in provided video and audio verified security. We are the only company in the industry with our verified security technology.

Below is a video of a Sonitrol system in action during a break-in. Experience what our operators saw and heard when someone broke into one of our customer’s facilities:

What is verified security?

Verified security means that someone confirms alarms are real before dispatching the police. Sonitrol uses video cameras and audio sensors to see and hear what is happening at a location before calling the police.

This is in contrast to conventional systems that rely on motion detectors. Motion detectors are notorious for sending false signals. Pets, critters, fans – all sorts of environmental factors can cause false alarms. In fact, 98% of non-verified alarms are false.

Verified security reduces false alarms to zero. As a result, police trust Sonitrol when we call. They respond faster because they know the alarms we send them are real.

Call us at 502-966-8999 or email us here to see how verified security can keep your facility safe, as we navigate these unprecedented times together.



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