It’s clear to see why you need a comprehensive security system.

Not every unwelcome visitor comes inside your building, at least not the first time. Burglars aren’t the only danger; prowlers also pose a real threat to commercial property. But the most surefire way that you can guard against them is through a security system with video surveillance.

Sonitrol offers different alarm systems and video solutions that help keep your business safer, whether the threats are lurking around outside or breaking in. Here’s what you need to consider before you make the investment:

Professional Sonitrol monitoring is on the job 24/7, and you can access recordings, too.

Do You Want Remote Access?

You’ll want your commercial security system to include monitoring by our experts at the Central Station. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep watch over your own property, too. Using Sonitrol’s suite of NVR apps, you can pull up video from your system anytime you want from anywhere.

The way it works is that motion in the vicinity of a camera, such as a prowler, triggers it to begin recording. That information is automatically saved on your NVR. From there, you can log in and monitor or review the footage using your mobile device or computer.

Any camera is better than none, but HD gives more detail.

Do You Need Analog or HD Cameras?

Sonitrol offers both analog and High Definition (HD) cameras. Both options have an important place in commercial security, but one is probably a better choice for you than the other.

The San Francisco Chronicle explains that video surveillance helps keep your whole business safer. With analog, you get cost-effective protection for your business. This might be the right choice for smaller businesses to help you get the protection that you need. HD cameras are much clearer, with 7 times the resolution of analog, and they can zoom in for precise images of a prowler and help police with identification.

Does Your Business Need a Lighting Upgrade?

Commercial security is as good as its environment. The best cameras with the sharpest definition can only do so much if the exterior of your business is poorly lit. And contrary to what you might have heard, infra-red cameras can’t compensate enough to give you the same image quality that you’d have with good lighting.

Before you install a security system at your business, do all that you can to help it work better. Good exterior lighting helps your security cameras do a better job at monitoring and capturing images of prowlers. It could also help discourage them in the first place. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to upgrade your locks.

Can You Get a Demo?

Even if you’re already sold on the idea of security for your business, don’t be too quick to jump in. Sonitrol has a lot of different choices, and each one works with the rest to build a great security system. But the only way to know what you’re comfortable with is through a demo of the different components, including Verified Audio systems.

Any reputable security company should happily offer you a demo. It only makes good business sense. At Sonitrol, we can show you how everything works, from recorders and the apps to watch remotely to the different alarms and other security components that you might need.

Prowlers by definition haven’t broken into your business yet, but they could do other damage without entering at all. ABC News 6 says that after the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI was able to identify suspects all because of a department store’s surveillance cameras. Video is one more way to keep you and your company safe.

At Sonitrol, we can design a full security system to protect every square foot of your commercial property. For Camera Systems and all of your security needs, Sonitrol of Louisville has you covered.



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