A security system is vital for protecting your business, but can help it work better.

A commercial alarm system really does help keep your business safer. Especially if it’s monitored, like the systems that Sonitrol offers. But a security system is only part of what it takes to minimize loss. You can take other steps to improve the way that it works.

Some practices are simple and others take a little investment and effort. But working together, you and your security team can help reduce the chances of a break in and minimize the loss that you could incur if the worst were to happen.

A well-lit exterior makes criminals easier for you and everyone else to see.

1. Maintain Good Lighting

The cover of darkness helps give burglars some anonymity. And since most commercial break ins happen at night, you can use all the help that you can get. Lighting, and plenty of it, is the enemy of would-be burglars. And although some are plenty bold whether its daytime or night, lights also help video surveillance work better.

Sonitrol has an impressive track record burglar apprehensions, and part of that is because of our video surveillance. Video monitoring can put a face to the person trying to break into your business. While it works daytime or night, the more you can capture on video the better. And in conjunction with a full security system, the NYPD stresses that while a break in still might happen, it increases the time it takes to gain entry, which improves the odds that police can stop the crime.

A great lock on a sturdy door makes gaining access more difficult.

2. Check the Integrity of Your Doors and Windows

You might think that a door is just a door, but that’s not really true. The door itself is important, but so is the surrounding frame. A lock is only as good as the integrity of the door and frame. And Farmer’s Insurance reminds that any point of entry whether it’s a door or window, is only as good as its weakest point.

Steel doors and door frames as well as security glass all help make your business safer. And Sonitrol managed access, such as card-key entry, temporarily deactivates the alarm when the right person gains entry, which helps prevent false alarms.

3. Don’t Leave Ladders Near the Roof

Burglars don’t always enter a building through a door or window. More and more, police see break-ins through what might seem to be unlikely areas such as through the wall and down through the ceiling. Break-ins through a wall are tough to combat, because that indicates a very determined thief. But Farmer’s explains that you can help deter some by making sure no ladders or other roof access stay at the ready for anyone to use.

Some buildings have ladders built in. They help maintenance crews get to the roof, where many commercial HVAC systems are located. If yours has one, be sure that it’s a retractable type. And if it doesn’t, always keep portable ladders stored away from the exterior of the building.

Tall landscaping gives burglars plenty of places to hide, day or night.

4. Don’t Give Burglars a Hiding Spot

Landscaping looks great, and there’s no reason not to have any. But be cautious with the type of landscaping used. The last thing that you want is to provide cover for a burglar trying to gain access to your business.

Keep shrubs low, and don’t plant trees, even small ones, close to the building’s perimeter. A good way to determine whether you need to alter your landscaping is to step back at a good distance and have a good look. If anything blocks your view of windows and doors, your property has places for criminals to hide. The same applies to other features, such as awnings and screens.

5. Use a Good Safe for All Valuables

If you take in cash but don’t need it available at all times, making a nightly bank deposit gives burglars less to steal. It might not deter one from trying, but it reduces the amount you stand to lose. But if you always need cash, such as with a retail business, a good safe, and not a portable one, can also help.

A safe is also a good idea if your business has a lot of valuables inside. Storing expensive items might seem like a chore. But if a break in happens, your property will have better protection against being stolen.

Keeping your property safe is a team effort. While any alarm system will help, doing your part can make it more effective and also help discourage some break-ins from happening at all.

At Sonitrol, we know how to protect commercial property. Working with us, you’ll have a system that’s designed and created to meet your specific needs. And 24/7 monitoring means that someone has an eye on your business, even when you’re closed for the day.

Give us a call at (502) 966-8999 to learn more about how to make your property safe, and how Sonitrol of Louisville can work with you to keep it that way.



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