Crime deterrence is something that you and your employees can practice every day.

Some businesses and locations are much more susceptible to break-ins and vandalism than others. The community doesn’t dictate whether you’ll be the target of a crime. But a high-crime area and a cash business are good indicators that you’re at a higher risk. We are offering 4 tips that help your security monitoring deter crime.

That’s why you need Sonitrol. Even when crime is at its worst, the integrated system that we design for your company will help keep you and your employees safer, reduce the risk of loss from burglary or robbery, and even help the cops catch the bad guys.

But the Portland, OR Police Bureau says there’s even more that you can do. Some practices are just good business. So here are 4 ways that you can help your security monitoring do a better job.

#1: Keep Visibility High in All Public Areas

Good visibility helps protect your business in several ways. That’s why Sonitrol video surveillance is such a valuable tool, but it’s also why you should keep the business as clutter and obstacle free as possible. Burglars don’t like being seen, and employees who might have designs on your inventory or cash are less likely to act if there’s no place to hide.

Keep aisles clear and avoid blocking windows. While that allows burglars to see inside the building better, it also helps you and your employees see what’s happening outside. If someone is lurking, a clear window view lets you know.

#2: Remove Unnecessary Cash from the Building

Few retail business owners keep excess cash in the register, but storing it in a safe inside the building might also be a bad idea. It’s better to make cash deposits at the bank throughout the day, and vary the route that you use to get there.

Cash is a major attractor. And while you might think that a burglar couldn’t know how much you keep on hand, also think about former employees and the type of information they have about your business. Low cash on hand is a much safer policy.

A quick call can confirm whether a stranger is supposed to be in the building.

#3: Make Eye Contact with Customers

Have you ever walked into a store and been greeted almost immediately? A lot of businesses have this policy. It lets customers know that the staff is attentive, but it also lets criminals know that they have been seen. Moving around unnoticed is important for a criminal to get away clear. Make eye contact and share a greeting, and the cloak of anonymity is gone.

In a non-retail environment, the Portland Police still recommends a greeting and acknowledgement. But instead of letting the person enter the building as you would in a store, employees should ask, “Can I help you find someone?” This is another area where video can help keep everyone safer.

#4: Use Smart Employee Strategies

Every former employee is a potential risk. The more responsibility and access an employee had, the more you stand to lose when they leave employment at your business. With managed access, you can control at least some of the risk by deactivating a key card after employment termination.

Current employees are also a risk, but managed access handles that, too. Whenever any person uses a key card to enter the building, Sonitrol has a record of the event. We can tell you which person’s card was used, when they entered the building, and whether the door was locked again when they left.

Commercial security is a multifaceted thing. A great security monitoring system is the foundation for keeping your assets and your people safe. But smart business practices bolster the system and help it work even better.

Keep abreast of the news and make friends with neighboring business owners. Learn about crime trends, such as how break-ins might be happening in your area, and use that information to step up your security focus. Nothing can be 100 percent failsafe. But when you combine a system from Sonitrol of Louisville with your own good methods, you’re just about as close as you can get. We hope you find these 4 tips that help your security monitoring deter crime helpful.

Give us a call at (502) 966-8999 or contact us online to learn more about all of the ways Sonitrol can help keep your business safer. And download our FREE White Paper: 7 Critical Considerations When Designing an Access Control System to see how access control can do much more than grant or deny employee access.



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