Sonitrol lets you stay off duty after you leave work for the day.

Alarm companies might tout their systems as simple and easy to manage, but self-monitored commercial security is never a good idea. That’s not overestimating the importance of professional monitoring from Sonitrol. It’s just the way things are today.

With a self-monitored system, you’re on-call 24 hours a day. And without the components that make Sonitrol so reliable, you’ll face a number of difficulties, from installation to determining whether an alert is real or not.

If you’re thinking about a new security system, self-monitoring might tempt you. But before you invest all of the time, energy and money into something that you might not be sure about, consider the ways that going it alone might let you down.

Self-Monitoring for Homes is Difficult Enough

You probably already know about how difficult self-monitored home security systems can be. Now imagine the additional challenges of a self-monitored system for your business. Business Insider says that although there’s an increasing interest in DIY for almost everything, including security, it’s not always a good idea. Google and Apple make self-help seem simple when it’s anything but.

The reputation of self-monitored systems isn’t the best. Installation can give you fits, and there’s little or no support when something goes wrong. But with Sonitrol, you get professional installation, and highly skilled monitoring that’s dedicated to your business 24 hours a day.

Sonitrol Alerts Bring Help Nearly an Hour Faster

A security system is supposed to do one thing, and do it well: It should alert you to problems. And when there’s a problem, you need help to arrive as quickly as possible. But self-monitored systems have another major drawback. Police aren’t exactly convinced that self-monitored alerts are valid.

If you’re not in the office but you get an alert that something is wrong, you’ll probably call the authorities to check things out. With a self-monitored system, you might be waiting a long time. Sonitrol, on the other hand, brings help nearly an hour faster; faster than other systems that are monitored by different companies.

Emergency responder time isn’t free.

Non-Verified Systems Have a Hidden Cost

Along with the slow or non-response time for security systems that aren’t verified, there’s a hidden cost that could come dear. Across the country, local authorities are instituting fines for false alarms. The reason? Too many alerts that aren’t real, and the heavy cost on emergency responders for all of their wasted time. Canadian security company, Fire Monitoring of Canada, also says a higher rate of false alarms spells trouble.

Police and other authorities have come to rely on Sonitrol because our alerts are verified before we notify them. Through audio, video or both, our Central Station operators know whether there’s a break in, other suspicious activity or a fire before we call in for help. And even with the time that it takes to verify, help still arrives 40 minutes faster, or sooner, than with a non-verified system.

A self-monitored alarm system might trigger when something is wrong. But it might also trigger when something isn’t. If you’re the one responsible, you’ll do all of the legwork to sort it out. With Sonitrol, we determine what’s real and what’s not while you get a good night’s sleep. We’re your eyes and ears.

And if you like the idea of staying on top of what’s happening at your business, you can do that, too. But you won’t have to sacrifice professional monitoring to watch live streaming video or perform other security functions. You can have it all.

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