Across Louisville and everywhere else, companies of all sizes are updating their surveillance cameras to IP technology. The Internet Protocol business security camera is a type of digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

While analog cameras still have their own purpose and benefit, The IP security camera is moving forward with a progressive digital landscape. But if you need a few further specific reasons…

Why add IP surveillance cameras to your Louisville security system?

IP Cameras are Cost-Effective

IP surveillance cameras were first introduced in 1996. During that time, they were very expensive and usually not cost-effective for business security solutions. However, in their 20 years of development, IP cameras have dropped significantly in price will they provide high-quality protection. While still more expensive than analog cameras, IP cameras can fit into even the tightest budgets for surveillance camera systems. Also, IP surveillance cameras use CAT 5 wiring which costs less than traditional analog cabling. This reduces the cost of installation, bringing the cost comparison even closer.

IP Cameras Produce High-Quality Images

Take a look at the shot below. The image on the bottom left corner was taken at the same distance as the bigger image, taken by the IP Camera. With the IP cameras used in this example, you are able to zoom in clearly and see the specific details like the license plate.

       Benefits of IP Surveillance Cameras

IP Cameras Offer A Better View for Better Protection

The whole idea of a surveillance camera system is to protect your assets. Based on the pictures above, you can see the analog camera picture is much grainier. And this makes it harder to see what actually happened. Additionally, with analog images, you aren’t able to zoom in without it becoming even more grainy or distorted. On the other hand, IP surveillance cameras are able to zoom in to a certain point while sustaining a clear image.

IP Cameras Offer Wider Coverage

Compared to an analog camera, an entry-level IP camera can record three times as many pixels. The newer IP cameras can record even more. So even though IP cameras cost a little more per camera, you can use fewer cameras and still get the same amount of coverage.


IP surveillance cameras are becoming more and more popular in a rapidly growing market. They can better identify what is happening and provide a more secure assurance that the video footage will be there in the event it needs to be reviewed.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current system or start a new one, consider IP cameras. They are cheaper to maintain, provide higher quality images, and ensure better protection by allowing you to see more of your facility. Analog cameras are getting closer to being a thing of the past. IP cameras are here for the 21st century and beyond.



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