Keep your school and university premises safe for children with the best security technology at your service

Schools are the places where future of kids are created and children are made into responsible citizens and security of such a place is a big concern for the authorities. Maintaining safety and security in schools is an important yet very tough factor for which you need the top security firms to take care of the organization. The safe amount of security is required for the universities, which, along with the schools are equally prone to falling prey to criminal activities. These organizations not only have greater chances of facing burglary or vandalism, they also incur hefty loses amounting to around $1 billion yearly and this makes it all the more imperative for the authorities to introduce full fledged security facilities that will not only help to keep the premises but will also prevent mishaps from taking place, inclusive of speeding up the system of scrutinizing situations if any crime has taken places within the premises.

Present research shows that the chances and risks of attacks on school teachers and students is increasing by leaps and bounds and under such threatening circumstances, it’s become so much more important for school authorities to take steps to avert these risks and attacks from happening to the best of their abilities.

However, finding the alarm system company with the most appropriate equipments and technology is the real challenge that keeps on bothering you every moment, since, you don’t know whom to believe and whom not to, when it comes to the security of your school, children and the teachers in the school.

Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security firm is a hallmark organization in this aspect as they create unique security systems and equipments that come fully integrated with the features to prevent situations like theft, vandalism, accidents from fire and forceful intrusion form unsocial elements. This company is one of the largest suppliers of school security facilities and systems across North America.

This is one company that assesses the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your school and suggests security systems and equipments accordingly. Doing the assessment and taking the right decision is surely not a cakewalk for the professionals and this is why, the company always deploys only the best in the industry, who know exactly what parameters and what elements to look for, while assessing a school’s security needs and real time threats that increase the chances of deploying certain facilities.

They also have to look into the aspects like location and the resources that the school has, before they suggest necessary security application deployments. Offering digital security camera and digital audio recorder systems, Sonitrol makes it a point to study the school surrounding carefully to understand the best points from where the security equipments can actually track and record any suspicious activity in and around the school premises.

Their Emergency Notification feature is another revolutionary move towards arming the schools with the facility to inform anyone at any point of time in case of an emergency situation where urgent external help is needed at the earliest. The best part about this system is that you can use a myriad of devices, PDAs, BlackBerry, Treos and various sources like email or phone and pagers depending on whatever comes handy during the emergency. This is a two way interactive system where the school authorities can send as well as receive messages and guide the parents, children and teachers including security personnel in a more systematic manner during a panic stricken situation.

Coming to panicky situations, Sonitrol also offers specially crafted and designed, panic button facility (school alert) that can be considered as a very crucial and important element in any school security system. The good thing about this system is that it’s highly complimentary and compatible with the regular security system featuring verified audio intrusion alarm, fire alarm system, video security system and managed access control systems, installed in countless schools till date.



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