A card access system is a security system that allows users to access doors with an electronic “key” card instead of a traditional key. You’ve probably seen this type of access system before, if nothing else in a James Bond movie.

What might surprise you, however, is that installing a card access system often saves time and money in the long run. Card access systems make access easier to manage while also increasing the overall security of the facilities where the system is installed. Instead of the traditional access systems that focus on managing keys, card access systems focus on managing locks. To get a feel for some of the benefits of an electronic lock system like this, consider these advantages…

Card access system advantages

Card Access System with Sonitrol1. You don’t have to re-key all your doors when someone leaves your company.

Never worry about a deadbolt again. With a card access system, the electronic system will interact with software to make these changes, so all you need to do is punch a few buttons.

2. You don’t need to worry about lost keys falling into the wrong hands.

When you know you’ve lost a card for your access system, you can simply deactivate it until it’s found or leave it deactivated once you replace it with a new card.

3. You can be fairly certain that someone won’t make a copy of a card.

Card access systems make it much more difficult for an intruder to copy a “key” card. The electronics in the card can’t be cut at Walmart like a traditional key can be cut.

4. You don’t need to check all your doors in your facilities to find which key works for each door.

The card access system shows which cards access which doors at all times. This way, you can manage your key cards from your desk rather than walking around testing cards at all the doors. Not only is this inconvenient but walking around with a stash of keys can be dangerous.

5. You don’t have to manually keep track of who has keys to which doors.

Again, thanks to the software database built into every card access system, you don’t have to manually track who has keys for each door. Each person is assigned one key card. From there, you can check your database to see which doors that person’s card will access.

6. Your employees don’t have to worry about memorizing a PIN.

As opposed to access doors with a keypad that requires users to enter a PIN each time they access a door, card access systems take the burden off everyone to remember a number. Keep your card with you all the time, and you’re good to go.

7. You don’t have to worry that your employees will share their PINs for convenience.

Let’s say a coworker wants to get access to a door, and other employees have access to that door. The coworker says, “Ah, I left my card in my office.” At that, the other employees might offer to let the coworker use one of their cards this once since they know the coworker accesses that door frequently. Imagine how this would work if the company used PINs instead. Giving a PIN to the coworker would allow the coworker access to all the doors at that PIN’s access level. And, unlike a card, you can’t take a PIN back.

8. Your locks can’t be picked the way they might be with traditional key access.

We already noted that copies can’t be made as easily. Lock picking is certainly a lot more difficult too, considering there’s no manual lock to pick.

9. You can set your doors to open for people on an automatic schedule.

No one needs to come in just to unlock the building. No one needs to come back just to close everything down. A few buttons or an email if you prefer, and your system will be set to go on schedule.

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10. You can allow someone access to more doors without issuing them any new keys.

If someone’s shift changes or they move to a different department or need access to multiple storage units instead of the one door they were originally allowed to access, all you need to do is update their user profile. No need to issue additional key cards.

11. You can always deny access to a key you’ve given out without having to ask for the key back.

Often, it’s more convenient to change a lock than a key. With electronic access systems, changing the lock costs nothing but a little time for someone to make the change in the system.

12. You can get reports of which doors everyone has access to.

If an alarm is tripped or something goes missing, a card access system allows you to retrace everyone’s paths through the doors set up in the system. The system can generate reports showing which doors specific users accessed and what time they accessed them. Or, if you know something seems out of place in, say, a specific room, you can generate a report to see who accessed that room over the past month. These features, built into each card access system, make it convenient to keep a close record of facilities without having to constantly monitor them.

13. You can completely open your facilities or lock them down.

Sometimes, you just want to close the doors to everyone for a specific period, but you don’t want to try to get everyone’s key back for just that day. With electronic access, you can change the system setting for one day only without even bothering the keys. Likewise, sometimes you might need to open a facility, say for cleaning, law enforcement, or even fire drills. Or maybe you want to open all your front doors to customers. That’s easy with an electronic, card access system. Just program the system to allow access for a given period, and the doors fully unlock automatically.

14. You can issue a new card with access to multiple doors in just minutes.

If a new person joins your team or if a key card breaks or wears out for some reason, you can set up and issue a new one, with the same access if the person had access already, without all the hassle of figuring out which doors that person should be allowed to access again or running to the hardware store for copies of your keys.

15. You make your facilities feel up-to-date, modern, and secure.

The banks in the James Bond movies don’t have to be the only ones with high-tech security. By installing a card access system in your company, school, hospital, or even church, you can provide peace of mind, less hassle, and an overall “cleaner,” more modern experience for everyone who enters your facilities.

Implementing keycard door access controls for your business is not just a security upgrade; it’s a strategic investment in efficiency, accountability, and peace of mind. The convenience and flexibility offered by modern access control systems empower businesses to adapt to dynamic operational needs seamlessly. As you embrace the future of security, remember that the key to success is not just in the cards themselves, but in the enhanced control and protection they bring to your organization. So, unlock the potential of your business with keycard door access controls, safeguarding both your premises and the smooth flow of daily operations. Elevate your security measures today and open the door to a safer, smarter, and more secure future for your business. Learn more about Sonitrol Security of Louisville’s access control here.


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