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At Sonitrol we understand camera systems. Like most companies, we have the ability to design “digital camera systems” with the highest quality HD cameras for recording and playback. We have a large selection of camera systems to meet any budget.  We offer a wide spectrum of cameras for any specialized application, indoor or outdoor.

At Sonitrol we take video one step further… We can take your camera system and make it an “active” part of your security system. Instead of just recording your cameras and viewing footage/events later, you can have verified real-time monitoring, alerts, and police dispatch indoors and outdoors when an intruder is present.

Sonitrol has exclusive technology that uses advanced analytics to provide monitoring and notification of an intrusion as it happens. Use your camera system to verify activity and alert the police. No other company does that! Protecting outdoor areas is very difficult without creating false alarms/fine. With out analytics its no problem: NO FALSE ALARMS…GUARANTEED.

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Sonitrol stands out from other security providers because we’re different. Unlike many security companies that focus solely on passive camera system viewing and recording; Sonitrol of Louisville goes above and beyond by providing 24-hour indoor and outdoor camera monitoring and police dispatch. Your camera system is part of your security system.

Sonitrol takes pride in being a leader in easy-to-use, digital recording and high-definition (HD) camera solutions. Their video solutions are highly versatile, with applications ranging from license plate recognition to intelligent analytics, as well as immediate Smart Search footage retrieval.

ColorVue cameras offer full color video at night, replacing traditional black and white video cameras in a low-light environment.

         Make your camera system work for you!

  • Managing production lines
  • Preventing false Workmen’s Compensation claims
  • Preventing false slip-and-fall claims
  • Supervising employees
  • Monitoring customers

Panoramic Cameras provide a seamless 180 degree field of view, replacing the need to use 4-5 cameras to cover the area.

Common uses include large outdoor areas, production plants, schools, parking lots, and warehouses.

App & Remote Viewing Software

Allows customer cameras to be able to connect over internet or via a cellular signal to a mobile app or computer software. You can see your cameras—live views and recorded footage—from anywhere there is internet or cell data.

License Plate Cameras

Captures license plate numbers from moving vehicles. You can then search the recorded license plate footage by the license plate number or by date and time.


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